KRS Media is a strategic healthcare communication & brand management consultancy that provides & implements customized leadership curriculums & strategic communication campaigns for clients seeking results. Clients range from corporate global leaders, healthcare executives, doctors, elected officials & governments.
KRS Media’s Services Include:
  • Healthcare Communication & Leadership Curriculums
  • Spokesperson/Brand Ambassador for Healthcare
  • Targeted Media Placement
  • Strategic Communication Campaigns
  • Investor/VC Communication and Outreach
  • Strategic Brand Development and Management
  • Media Strategy and Campaign Development
  • Corporate Video Production, SEO & Social Media Campaigns


KRS Media’s example of client campaign strategies in various sectors:




KRS Media’s work includes helping doctors with leadership training and mastering effective communication skill sets at the workplace, to effective team building techniques, and implementing strategic media/branding campaigns. KRS Media’s clients have received national and “primetime” coverage, which helped secure much needed multi-year and multi- million- dollar funding streams. As a spokesperson and communication advisor, KRS Media’s Katrina Semmes, represented and advised the government of Isle of Man at MIT and Gilead Sciences on their branding and communication needs. Katrina also has extensive experience in creating and directed video communication campaigns, which helped her clients with team building, collaborative communication and effective partnerships. Outside of healthcare, Katrina had successfully coached and developed a communication campaign in Silicon Valley, which led her client to win an election and become the mayor of his city.