There are Three Fundamental Parts of a Successful Corporate Video Production:
1. The Shoot    2. Editing    3. Delivery
1. The Shoot – Depending on the length of the final video or series, the shoot is vital to set the foundation of the material available to present clients to sales prospects and the public. The Shoot will include KRS Media’s efforts to define the client’s value proposition and the visual and audio aspects of what the client wants to communicate.KRS Media shoots the actual video in HD format with high quality cameras and audio equipment. KRS Media’s videographers are industry veterans and have appeared on TV for many years themselves. Video shoots range from half a day for basic introductory videos to multiple days and weeks for video series and full corporate communication strategies.

During the shoot, KRS Media also shoots b-roll and audio to add as background and transition in videos.


2. Editing – The art of the video shoot is complemented by the science of editing. In this process, KRS Media makes sure the client’s value proposition is clearly communicated in a professional manner, with appropriate lead-ins, fades, b-roll/background, and sound bites. KRS Media offers unlimited reviews to get it right.Clients participate in an iterative process with KRS Media to bring out the best of the client’s company and focus the message on the appropriate audience (investors, clients, regulators, and the public).

3. Delivery – KRS Media provides the client with a completed DVD of the video and an online link to the video in the company’s preferred format. Clients retain full ownership of the video and its content.Delivering a final DVD is just part of the delivery that KRS Media offers. KRS Media can work with clients to provide public relations and online services to target investors and customers as well as provide vital and regular communications to existing investors.