KRS Media is a public relations consultancy that provides strategic brand management, effective publicity coaching and healthcare marketing campaigns. KRS Media partners with clients to examine their brands and determine ways to improve them holistically.
KRS Media’s Services Include:
  • Media strategy and campaign development
  • Corporate video production and professional editing
  • Crisis communications
  • Targeted media placement
  • Investor communications and public outreach
  • Employee and recruitment communications
  • Social media/new media strategy and management
  • Strategic brand development and management
  • Spokesperson/brand ambassador & relationship development for healthcare sector


KRS Media works with a wide variety of clients, which enables the company to bring new perspectives to old problems. The visual representation of that experience can be seen clearly in KRS Media’s video production services, some of which can be viewed here:

KRS Media’s Client Industries
  • Technology
    • Agni Corporation: venture-backed biomass-to-energy
    • Tarlton Properties: business park sustainability initiative and retrofits
    • Clear-Wall: innovative fenestration and daylighting
  • Communications
    • WesTower Communications: mobile phone infrastructure
  • Food Services
    • Mashriqi Inc: vendor to UC Davis, Mondavi Center, and Sodexo
  • Healthcare
    • Alecto Healthcare Services: hospital media segment
    • St. Rose Hospital: independent community hospital
    • Olympia Medical Center: community hospital in Beverly Hills, CA
    • Mission Peak Orthopedics: Orthopedic Medical Centers
  • Bio-med/tech
    • OneMed: biotech & biomed industry group
    • Spirometrix, medical device company
  • Government
    • Isle of Man: business development
    • Foster City and the Foster City Chamber of Commerce: sustainability
    • city council election, Silicon Valley, Foster City 2015