At KRS Media, we believe strongly in the power of online video marketing and we know what it takes to successfully produce, distribute, market, and optimize video. We can offer a unique combination of high-definition video production services, optimized video distribution (VSEO) services and targeted online video advertising to increase your brand visibility and sales using the power of online video marketing.

Video Marketing Services

KRS Media offers a comprehensive list of online video marketing services. With offices in San Francisco, our video marketing company specializes in video SEO services, video production services, YouTube marketing, whatever your need KRS Media has the video experts to launch and manage a successful YouTube campaign.

YouTube Marketing Strategies

  • Key opinion leader identification — Mapping the key opinion leaders in the YouTube community, video blogs, online media, and social media.
  • Key opinion leader outreach — Reaching out to the key opinion leaders in the YouTube community, video blogs, online media, and social media.
  • YouTube video promotion — Using YouTube Promoted Videos to broadcast a brand across the YouTube ecosphere and drive views to video assets.
  • Marketing campaign measurement – Using YouTube Insight statistics to measure views, discovery, demographics, community, and subscribers.
  • Outcome measurement — Using Google Analytics reports to measure website traffic and marketing effectiveness as well as advertising ROI.

9 Key Guidelines for Successful Video Marketing
KRS Media’s approach to video marketing follows these nine rules:

  1. YouTube marketing is the new video marketing.
  2. You can’t make it on YouTube alone.
  3. Great video content can come from anywhere.
  4. There is no premium video content, only popular video content.
  5. YouTube ads can be popular video content, too.
  6. Keep to a schedule and theme when publishing video content.
  7. Think about the next action and viewer engagement.
  8. Cross-platform promotion and the first 24 hours are huge.
  9. Don’t watch comments too closely, but obsess on Insights.

Video Production Services
KRS Media’s video production services include:

  • Marketing video production — Providing project ideas, conducting interviews, and uploading videos.
  • Videography services — Shooting, editing, titling, and encoding video for the Internet.
  • YouTube channel customization — Creating and customizing YouTube channels, including Partner and brand channels.

Video SEO Services
KRS Media’s video SEO services include:

  • YouTube keyword research — Using the YouTube keyword tool to find the best YouTube keywords for a video marketing campaign.
  • YouTube video optimization — Using relevant and accurate tags, titles and video descriptions to help videos be discovered in YouTube search results and Related Videos.